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Program Overview

The Clearing Corporation Charitable Foundation (CCCF) Agribusiness Scholars program provides selected students matriculating at the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Science with the applied knowledge, leadership qualities, analytical skills, and experiences required for successful careers in the domestic and global agribusiness sector. By integrating coursework, experiential learning, and engagement with agribusiness leaders, students accepted into the Agribusiness Scholars program will develop in-depth understanding of the issues driving agricultural markets and the performance of the agribusiness sector.

What Will Students Get From This Program?

The CCCF Agribusiness Scholars Program supports student development by blending traditional academic coursework with experience-based learning and self-directed study. The program's two capstone seminar courses and out-of-classroom academic enrichment activities (e.g., trips to New York City's financial district, Washington DC, and agribusinesses) allow students to interact with industry and public sector leaders and develop informed perspectives on contemporary issues affecting agribusiness.

CCCF Agribusiness Scholars will:

  • network with industry and public sector leaders
  • receive assistance with internship placement
  • have access to job shadowing opportunities
  • strengthen the "soft skills" and leadership abilities attractive to employers
  • refine business communication skills

Program Requirements

Sophomores at SEBS with an interest in agribusiness and a proven record of academic success may apply to the program. To be eligible, a student must:

  1. have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher entering the spring semester of their sophomore year; and
  2. complete at least 24 credits of coursework at Rutgers University by the end of their sophomore year.

A student who wishes to apply to the program but does not meet (1) and/or (2), above, may petition the Program Directors for consideration or be nominated by a SEBS faculty member familiar with the student and confident in his/her ability to perform honors-level work.

Program applications will be accepted until February 15. Students will be required to submit a personal statement outlining their interest in the program. All applications will be reviewed by a program selection committee. Selected students will be invited to interview with the selection committee. Students accepted into the Agribusiness Scholars program will be notified before the end of the Spring semester.

Program Format

This 2-year program comprises 15 credits of coursework, beginning in the junior year, as well as participation in academic enrichment activities (e.g., a day trip to the New York City financial district, visits to agribusinesses, and a multi-day trip to Washington DC to allow students to interact with leaders in the agribusiness sector and government), seminars, and networking events with agribusiness and government leaders.

Required Courses

  1. 11:035:300: Critical Analysis of Issues in Agribusiness I (3 credits)
  2. 11:035:400: Critical Analysis of Issues in Agribusiness II (3 credits)
  3. 11:373:241: Introduction to Management (3 credits)
  4. 11:373:351 Business Finance I (3 credits)
  5. 33:010:272: Introduction to Financial Accounting (PDF) (3 credits)

Program Completion

Students completing all program requirements, while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, will graduate with the designation of Clearing Corporation Charitable Foundation Agribusiness Scholar in the SEBS graduation program and on their transcripts.